100 word writing prompts coursework

027. Fighting 033. Kneel 056. Indirect


Muse 008. 087. Passion 084. Killing

015.Storm 069.Celebration 098.Writer's Choice 023.Return 013. Alcohol 050.Writer's Choice 014.Neglect 048.Writer's Choice 09. Objective It’s a great way to experiment, thought-dump, capture ideas or try out writing prompts. Its up to you which order you write the drabbles in, its up to you submit them, and its up to you whether you decide to write each drabble as a one-shot or just have one continuous story. 011.Confusion 029. Vehement

100 words. 006. Believeable 012.Fantasy 013.Blaze 008.Magic 034.Measure 046.Writer's Choice 044.Seasons 028.Online 077. Lies 005.Forward A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. 030. Collide 002.Final

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. 063.Waiting 013. Commit 032. Mirror 036. Spider Web 014.Daybreak How to Describe Happiness in Writing: A Master List for Writers; 50 Romance Plot Ideas and Romance Writing Prompts; MASTER LIST of Physical Descriptions! 033.Thrilled 015.Haunted 097.Writer's Choice 002.Empire

018.Brood 047.Writer's Choice 065. Exception 046. Disaster

All heads turn as Anna walks down the aisle adorned in beautiful bridal dress. 095.Carefree


027.Writer's Choice 025.Forget 005.Glass ,

In the spirit of fun and fairness, please follow these guidelines: • Post only one story per photo prompt.

Anna has seen the dark face of that sea.

With just one word, there’s a lot of freedom to do just about anything – you can interpret that one word any way you’d like! I've compiled a list of 100 writing prompts and story starters to get your creative juices flowing.

088.Manuscript 026. Languid
038. Health 16. Strangle025.Search 070.Stars 009.Clean 037. Haunted 091.Ring 041.Words 021.Oppression 056.I know 095.New direction 060.Spring 080. Decay 099.Writer's Choice
029.Climbing 045. Mountains044.Burn 048.Shine 086.Bone
. Secret 011. 082. Panic 039. Older 025. Breathing 043.Endangered ,

Our goal is to make you stronger without getting lost or exhausted. Blackboard 007.

Post your 100-word story in the comments section, and we’ll choose one to feature in our next issue. Storm 016.

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071.Speakers 023.Tower Block
023.Searching 066.July 008.Compromise 045. Zeal
041. Dawn 045.Need 037. Urban
095. Powerless 033.Reach 083. With You 015.Soothe 080.Under pressure 012.Bitter 037.Heartache 100.Writer's Choice 076.Letters 025.Hero
007.Chocolate 013.Freak out
012.Paint 091.Butterflies