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This resource is suitable for use with pupils aged 10 to 14 years. And a descriptive research paper is no different. This resource is suitable for ages 10+. There are magical beasts galore here and plenty of opportunities to use descriptive writing, informative writing and even letter writing inspired by J.K.Rowling's work. This is intended as a fun way to practise spelling whilst also encouraging careful reading at the same time. I have an Honours degree in English Literature and Linguistics from UEA and have written a dissertation about encouraging children to write. This animated Power Point resource presents itself in the format of an Examination straight out of Hogwarts. This resource is intended to be used when revising formal and informal letters as well as when revising punctuation in general. It is aimed at pupils aged 12 to 16. Pupils are required to demonstrate their knowledge of questions and statements as well as make sense of lengthier paragraphs which have had all punctuation removed.
I include a more general grammar quiz where homophones is one of the sections questioned. This animated Powerpoint exhibits passages from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone which have deliberate spelling mistakes in them. A descriptive writing lesson using peaceful images to engage students! Dissertation example. This is an activity which will appeal to Harry Potter fans and is one of three similar resources which can be found in my shop, each with different extended writing options. Pupils are given examples of short and long sentence structures which achieve different effects.

The correctly punctuated passages will magically appear, once they have made an attempt to recreate Rowling's work. Since the p-value of the test statistic is less than 0.05, there is sufficient evidence to conclude that there is a significant association between 'Incorporating Green Thinking' and 'Satisfied Green Products'. Two opportunities are given to write for very different audiences. I include a resource about the problems of policing groups of teens who gather in public spaces and become labelled as hoodies or chavs. These articles are intended to inspire debate and further discussion. The corrected passages will magically appear. Suitable for age 7+. A data set is a collection of responses or observations from a sample or entire population . One is a letter of complaint to the council, the other is an advertisement for an upcoming musical event. Pupils are required to read the passages carefully to see if they can identify the mistakes. Suitable for ages 10+, This resource is one in a series of similar quizzes which test various aspects of spelling , punctuation and grammar. Short poems which can entertain us by means of shape and sound effects are included too. Detailed information is given in a fifteen slide presentation. The sections can be easily tweaked to meet a specific need within the class. This resource is intended for use with 7 to 11 year olds but could also be used with older pupils for revision purposes. ", Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Quiz 2020, Punctuation practice and writing formal and informal letters with Harry Potter, writing for different audiences powerpoint, Persuasive speeches Martin Luther King/Barack Obama, Jellyfish and sea turtle facts and information on plastic pollution, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Descriptive Writing, Using adverbs and adjectives in descriptive writing, Bundle of revision SPAG quizzes with answers.
Like in any other sort of essay or paper writing you must provide a good thesis statement. I include a quiz which is one of many similar quizzes to be found in my shop which test knowledge of various aspects of spelling and grammar. They are provided with an opportunity to demonstrate their descriptive writing techniques by describing someone they admire. I include a word document about the problem of plastic waste in our seas and oceans . Pupils need to insert commas where needed, use prefixes to form opposites and invent examples of their own. Answers are provided for ease of marking. This animated Power Point discusses alliteration and onomatopoeia and asks pupils to identify these techniques within extracts from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as well as other sources. Finally, they put their letter writing skills to the test by applying for an apprenticeship as a dragon trainer based in the Outer Hebrides under the auspices of the MacFusty clan.Pupils are reminded of the conventions of formal letter writing. A good custom essay writing service should provide 24/7 customer support and a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. This Powerpoint presentation details the life of Martin Luther King and focuses particularly on extracts from his I have a dream speech. To get a science degree, a person must publicly defend his dissertation. Also included are two articles, one about da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, an oil painting which achieved the highest auction price for any work of art and the other about space exploration and how this has become the playground of rich men. I have bundled together ten resources which will help with the revision of spelling, punctuation and grammar in the weeks prior to assessments. Other Harry Potter themed resources can be found in my shop. Place Order. The use of first, second and third person narrators is also covered. sdfsdfsfs. I include one of my Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar quizzes in which adverbs and adjectives feature in one of the sections. Suitable for ages 10+, This animated Power Point examines different kinds of texts and literary techniques that are used to entertain us. Used on a regular basis, these quizzes will help to raise standards in SPaG. This activity will appeal to Potter fans and give a novel twist to revision. ‘Skellig’ - David Almond -Lesson 7 - Descriptive Writing (Figurative Language) - Year 6 or KS3. I am a mother of three and interested in all things green. Simple instructions on how to draw each creature are given. Suitable for all ages. The correct versions will magically appear. Students are required to draw detailed diagrams from the information they have acquired and are asked to compile their own entry to the latest edition of Fantastic Creatures concerning a new breed of werewolf. Answers are provided.

Included is a worksheet to aid independent research.

Finally, they put their letter writing skills to the test by applying for an apprenticeship as a dragon trainer based in the Outer Hebrides under the auspices of the MacFusty clan.Pupils are reminded of the conventions of formal letter writing. The intention is that students will have to focus carefully on the passages and use their knowledge and understanding of punctuation to bring the extracts back to life. I am in the process of setting up my TES shop and hope to launch my "Spagbag" resources which are suitable for both Primary and Secondary aged pupils. Students are asked to write their own letters and have the choice whether to select a formal or informal tone for their writing. Alliteration, assonance and onomatopoeia appeal to our sense of sound whilst similes, metaphors and personification often rely on a visual impact. It showcases the native British breeds of dragon , namely the Common Welsh Green and the Hebridean Black. This resource will promote discussion and further scientific exploration whilst testing comprehension skills. This animated Powerpoint showcases three topical news items which contain deliberate spelling errors . Home. All answers are provided at the end. This resource can be easily dropped into a revision session and will enable students to review their own mistakes, without the need for lengthy marking. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Suitable for ages 10+. There are plenty of challenges for pupils to solve along the way.

How to report Quantitative Findings? Suitable for ages 8+, This resource revises the use of adverbs in different positions within sentences and asks pupils to create sentences using adverbs appropriately. V2 of this lesson which is slightly more challenging with more writing tasks.

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