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If we add theft through trade in services to the mix, it brings total net resource outflows to about $3tn per year. Multinational companies also steal money from developing countries through "same-invoice faking", shifting profits illegally between their own subsidiaries by mutually faking trade invoice prices on both sides. That’s why they have publicized their shipments of masks and other equipment to various countries, even if some products have turned out to be faulty. This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Bloomberg LP and its owners. And when it comes to tax havens, the culprits are not hard to identify: there are more than 60 in the world, and the vast majority of them are controlled by a handful of western countries. There are European tax havens such as Luxembourg and Belgium, and US tax havens like Delaware and Manhattan. Rich countries aren’t developing poor countries; poor countries are developing rich ones. As Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff point out, it is ridiculous for countries to work out debt moratoriums for individuals and small businesses domestically but continue to press the developing world for debt payments. Western countries have done themselves no favors with their fumbling responses to the crisis.

Financial dipping in rich countries.

Why (and How) I Plan to Die With an Empty Bank Account, What Happens If Trump Is ‘Unable’ to Govern. "Under communism, man exploits man. We could write off the excess debts of poor countries, freeing them up to spend their money on development instead of interest payments on old loans; we could close down the secrecy jurisdictions, and slap penalties on bankers and accountants who facilitate illicit outflows; and we could impose a global minimum tax on corporate income to eliminate the incentive for corporations to secretly shift their money around the world. "Looking at the world from other species points of view is a cure for the disease of human self-importance. What to Consider When Making Big Purchases, Amy Coney Barrett and the Republican Abortion Scam, Where George Floyd Died, Immigrant Businesses Are Suffering. A financial philosophy popular among the world’s wealthiest can be a worthy aspiration for us all. This borders on criminal neglect. It is also why senior diplomats and propaganda outlets have tried to push conspiracy theories that the virus did not emerge from Wuhan, or even from China at all.

In other words, for every $1 of aid that developing countries receive, they lose $24 in net outflows. In 2012, the last year of recorded data, developing countries received a total of $1.3tn, including all aid, investment, and income from abroad. But it may not be as simple as it appears.

The real question in addiction is not why the addiction, but why the pain? ~ John Kenneth Galbraith. We have long been told a compelling story about the relationship between rich countries and poor countries. At the moment, some are, and that is wrong. Under capitalism, it is the opposite." Of course, this is precisely why some worry about debt relief. Take Ecuador, whose dollar yields have hit record levels. But that same year some $3.3tn flowed out of them. Jon Stewart of the Daily Show describes the real problem underlying this moment. And the best means to provide such aid is through the institutions set up precisely for that purpose after the last global war—multilateral agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the IMF. Not even India’s central bank satisfies whatever criteria the U.S. has in mind. Photographer: Indranil Mukherjee/AFP/Getty Images. But by far the biggest network of tax havens is centered around the City of London, which controls secrecy jurisdictions throughout the British Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories. If we look at all years since 1980, these net outflows add up to an eye-popping total of $16.3tn – that’s how much money has been drained out of the global south over the past few decades. If rich countries happen to decide to support poor countries financially they are pulling their economic system down a whooping percentage of up to 76%, and look what you have now two third world countries. That’s 24 times more than the aid budget. They can still shore up a Western-friendly global order, though, if they look beyond their own borders. This story is so widely propagated by the aid industry and the governments of the rich world that we have come to take it for granted.

At first glance, it is hard to imagine how innovations from poor countries could provide much help in solving the cost and quality problems plaguing health-care delivery in rich countries …

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