how to read like a writer mike bunn analysis thesis

Mike Bunn’s use of his own personal anecdote stood out the most to me. How to Read Like a Writer 81 • How does the author move from one idea to another in the writing? What could have made that chapter better or easier to understand?

This requires us to dissect the work and ask questions like what is the author’s intention or purpose even when it comes down to the smallest details like word choice. Why did I mention where the theater was located? Are these details important? August 2013. It was fascinating how he incorporated different points of view in his writing. Reading this way becomes an opportunity to think and learn about writing. It requires the reader to search deep into the words and to question the author’s choice of using them. You have to be 100% sure of the quality of your product to give a money-back guarantee.

Although Mike specifically mentions what he looked for while reading a published novel, one of the great things about RLW is that it can be used equally well with either published or student-produced writing. Another question that one must ask themselves when reading like a writer is the what; what words does the author use, what words could the author use instead, what effect does the authors diction or syntax have on the way the reader receives the message of the text? This chapter, however, suggests ways students can improve their interaction with text by reading like writers from the start of a course.

The most common suggestion made by former students—mentioned by every single one of them—was to mark up the text, make comments in the margins, and write yourself notes and summaries both during and after reading.

How To Read Like A Writer By Mike Bunn 883 Words 4 Pages When studying through a textbook, reading an online blog, or watching a YouTube video, most people simply absorb the raw information that is provided - after all, that is what those sources are generally used for.

I read for my classes and on the computer and sometimes for fun, but I never really thought about the important connections between reading and writing, and how reading in a particular way could also make me a better writer. An article?

72 Mike Bunn graphs. As I sat down to work on this essay, I contacted a few of my former students to ask what advice they would give to college students regarding how to read effectively in the writing classroom and also to get their thoughts on RLW. There is so much to consider from the audience of the writing, to the controlling idea(s), as well as the kinds of figurative language being used. Summary for Reading Like a Writer "How to Read Like a Writer", is an essay by Mike Bunn. Do you think I am just trying to mention a famous name that readers will recognize? You are reading to learn about writing. After reading To the Lighthouse [sic] last semester, I have noticed how much more attentive I’ve become to the types of narration (omniscient, impersonal, psychological, realistic, etc. This technique (RLW) is foreign to me, however, I assume, if I learn to read like a writer, then I should become a better writer and a more conscious reader. Is it worth the space it takes up? Casual reading occurs when you are quickly absorbing information without thinking about the process behind it. I also think reading like a writer will help me organize my ideas when I’m writing and help me write clear, concise papers. Reading like a writer can be understood as going beyond the text and actually asking questions about the words / definitions / quotes in the text. Bunn italicised a lot of words. • Are you going to be asked to write something like this yourself?

Here are some of the questions that one former student, Clare, asks herself: When reading I tend to be asking myself a million questions. His frequent use of italics and question showed that he wrote this essay to be an easy accessible guide. It’s probably impossible (and definitely too time consuming) to identify all of the choices the author made and all techniques an author used, so it’s important to prioritize while reading. What is it about the way this text is written that makes you feel and respond the way you do? Am I trying to establish my credibility as an author by announcing that I went to college? It’s pretty normal to get confused in places while reading, especially while reading for class, so it can be helpful to look closely at the writing to try and get a sense of exactly what tripped you up. Will Andrew Lloyd Weber figure prominently in the rest of the essay? Why did I explain that I was living in London right after finishing college? However by using this RLW technique I already start to question Mark Bunn: Why is he using italics? Reading like a writer is different from casual reading of a text in ways in which you as the reader are not just reading for reading but actually reading for purpose. What is the effect of using the word “antiquated” to describe the firesafety laws?

Because of antiquated fire-safety laws, every theatre in the city was required to have a certain number of staff members inside watching the performance in case of an emergency. Reading like a writer will force me to pay better attention to literature and not just the plot, it will expose me to different ways to say certain things, introduce new themes and characters. It will certainly open up my mind more and will lead to a more enjoyable reading experience. You can try to answer this question by thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of using formal language.

The more you practice the quicker the process becomes until you’re reading like a writer almost automatically. By using this technique of italicized words, the reader could have a better understanding of the flow of the work.

And here is where we get to the most important part: Would you want to try this technique in your own writing? You’re going to read a text within a certain context, a set of circumstances . I realized writing is a word-by-word, sentence-by-sentence process. If you read on a little further (feel free to scan back up at the top of this essay) you learn in the third full paragraph what the connection is between working in the theater and reading like a writer, but why include this information at all? It may be the case that your instructor has assigned the text you’re reading to serve as model for the kind of writing you’ll be doing later. Scholar Nancy Walker believes that it’s important for students to read published work using RLW because “the work ceases to be a mere artifact, a stone tablet, and becomes instead a living utterance with immediacy and texture. This in turn helps you to think about whether you want to make some of those same choices in your own writing, and what the consequences might be for your readers if you do.

It is important to understand what the author is trying to convey and how the author “builds” his text, which is what will help me when it comes to reading and writing.

Outline of "How to Read Like a Writer". If I’m reading philosophy, I always look for signaling words (however, therefore, furthermore, despite) indicating the direction of the argument . Is This a Published or a Student-Produced Piece of Writing? This was another thing that stood out to me in the text. How to Read Like a Writer 79 What Are Questions to Ask As You Are Reading? Another former student, Mike, comments on how important the genre of the text can be for reading: I think a lot of the way I read, of course, depends on the type of text I’m reading. When doing this on your own, you should attempt to answer these questions before reading, and then return to them as you read to further develop your answers.) .

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