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Ιncrease in return on ad spend


Decrease in average cost per purchase from Lookalike Audiences


New purchases generated over a one-month period from lookalike audiences


Getting more with less wanted to drive more website purchases through Facebook and Instagram in the most cost-effective way (without having to increase the marketing budget) while keeping their business profitable.


Counting on Lookalike Audiences

The secret to scaling is using lookalike audiences instead of cold targeting. Our strategy was to create lookalike audiences based on best customers and website visitors refined by time spent on the website.


Finding the right audience

The results achieved were impressive! The campaign, which ran for a month achieved:

  • 9X increase in return on ad spend (compared to targeting cold audiences)
  • 82% decrease in average cost per purchase from Lookalike Audiences (compared to the average cost per purchase from cold audiences)
  • 570 + new purchases generated over a one-month period from lookalike audiences


Low Price Technology Star is one of the largest and most well know e-commerce stores in Greece, offering branded technology products in low prices. They partnered with us to invest in digital channels, in order to make their marketing efforts more efficient.


Electronic Products & Hardware


Facebook Paid Advertising

Google Ads

E-mail Marketing

Social Page Management


They said

"Digilex, by their hard work, managed to increase our social media presence and at the same time empowering our place in the tech market in Greece. As a rapidly growing company, we are 100% satisfied with our decision to choose Digilex as a partner. We are looking forward to more productive years together in the future. Many thanks."
Giorgos Daloukas
General Manager

They Said

"One word can describe our cooperation with Digilex. And this is creation, a word with a lot of meanings. Throughout their proposals and their business strategy, we managed to be on everyday basis clients approachable, punctuality approachable, and at the same time much more open-minded. Thank you, Alex, thank you Digilex!"
Giorgos Daloukas
General Manager

Let’s Talk Results

We help our clients get better results with our innovative and data-driven approach to online ads, from AdWords management to remarketing to conversion rate optimization.


Matching Facebook ads to the entire customer journey resulted in 93,2% increase in Return on Advertising Spent (ROAS)


How we managed to increase online conversions by 87% and ROAS by 78% using Facebook Paid Advertising based on Remarketing Campaigns.

Velmahos Group

Winning quality leads with lead generation ads on Facebook while decreasing CPL (Cost per Lead)

We will be able to advise on the best solution for your business during an initial consultation.