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We make your website a place where users are happy to navigate and find what they are looking for. Our approach is 100% user-centric and our mindset is always asking what’s best for our users. We use a combination of all modern software and tools to assess and monitor your status and your progress, we place a huge emphasis on good content, and we formulate a winning white-hat strategy that allows you to scale and profit from this channel. There isn’t any successful website without a major percentage of its traffic coming from organic channels.

Η μεθοδολογία μας

We provide a modern approach on every aspect of search engine optimization. Our tested and proven methodology is used for both local and national SEO and is presented below.

Business Intelligence

The first step always is to understand your business. You tell and we listen. You give us as much information as possible. You are letting us know of your business, your lessons learned, your commercial plan, your targets. The efforts you made in the past and were unsuccessful. We audit your website and talk about what we see.

Industry Research & Competition Analysis

The second step is the ranking audit as well as researching your industry and your competitors. This will show us where we are according to the competition, what our potential is and when we expect to produce measurable results. We set your expectations and we agree on resources, goals and KPIs.

Technical & Design Audit

We use our experience and several modern software and tools to continuously audit your website for technical mistakes and inefficiencies. We propose solutions, brief the developers and we monitor this every single week. We also propose new design elements or alterations in order for your website to be more user friendly and accessible to users.

Content Audit, Strategy & Implementation

We perform an extensive keyword research and we breakdown those keywords to formulate a detailed content plan for your website. We audit the content you already have and propose optimization suggestions. We formulate and execute both a short term and a long-term strategy based on your content plan and general business goals and KPIs.

Onsite Optimization

We prioritize the keywords we wish to rank for and continuously work on optimizing the respective landing pages. We closely monitor the competitors who outrank us and we constantly work on all the different elements of our landing pages by providing the best possible content and user experience on the net.

E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness

We constantly work on those 3 pillars. We perform a link audit, remove bad links, work on internal linking and constantly monitoring for new link opportunities. We also work on increasing the credibility, reliability, and trust of your website. Our ultimate goal is for our site to be a point of reference in your industry.

Τα στατιστικά του SEO μας

Όταν δηλώνουμε ότι γνωρίζουμε από SEO, πραγματικά το εννοούμε. Τα νούμερα μιλούν από μόνα τους.


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Βοηθάμε τους πελάτες μας, στην επίτευξη των στόχων τους, μέσω καινοτόμων ιδεών και λύσεων που στηρίζονται σε δεδομένα, σε όλα τα κανάλια Digital Marketing. Δείτε μερικές ιστορίες επιτυχίας που βασίζονται σε μετρήσιμα αποτελέσματα.

Αύξηση 100% στο Οργανικό Traffic και στο ROAS των καμπανιών Google Ads επενδύοντας στο περιεχόμενο και στο Information Architecture

Ζήτησε Προσφορά

Συμπλήρωσε την φόρμα που θα βρεις παρακάτω, και σύντομα ένας εξειδικευμένος σύμβουλος Digital Marketing, θα σας καλέσει για να συζητήσετε την στρατηγική πωλήσεων της δικής σου επιχείρησης.

    Your information will be kept private. We won't ever sell it and we won't ever spam you. We hate that sort of BS as much as you do.

    Based on the details of your inquiry, we'll route your request to the right team here at Digilex. We know that there are other competent digital advertising agencies out there (lots of them), so it means a lot to us that you're considering us as your marketing partner.

    We anticipate great things ahead.