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Increase in Conversions


Increase in Revenue


Increase in ROAS


Ringing up sales

Zolotas primary goal was to increase online sales and also wanted to strengthen overall brand awareness in Greece.


Making every interaction count

Our initial and most difficult accomplishment was to convince Zolotas Marketing team that we should follow a yearly based advertising plan on Facebook and not only focus on Seasonal Campaigns. We explained that this would definitely increase their budget spent on Facebook Advertising, but on the other hand, this would for sure increase awareness for the brand, traffic to their website, and the most considerable, these visitors would “populate” important events on their website, that we could be able to use for Remarketing campaigns.

Our approach was based on the fact that only 2% of online store visitors convert to sales on their first visit, especially when we are talking about a high-end jewelry e-commerce store. That means that the other 98% either never convert or are converting on later visits.

The first step was to create ads based on the most popular product categories, that would be able to be purchased online, using compelling copy, text overlays to call out product features, and hard-to-resist incentives like free shipping. These photo and video ads, as well as ads in carousels, collection, and instant experience format, were shown to a very specific targeted audience based on income, job descriptions, age, and who were interested in jewelry, luxury fashion, and accessories. The goals of the ads above were to:

  • Increase Brand Awareness and Video Views, so that we could be able to create custom audiences (e.g. People who have spent time watching our videos on Facebook and Instagram or People who have opened our Collection ad)
  • Bring quality traffic to Zolotas online store in order to populate events that were important for us (e.g Increase the number of People who have added products to their cart)

The second but most major step was to make sure that Zolotas high-end Jewelry remained unforgettable. We have already found new high-potential audiences, so what we did was to use Dynamic Facebook Ads optimized for purchases, in order to target these audiences with personalized ads, boosting conversions and having an overall Remarketing Campaign ROAS of 12X.


Sparkling Stats

Zolotas decision to increase its Facebook advertising budget and keep running campaigns throughout the year, along with our carefully planned Facebook Ad Strategies successfully attracted new customers while increased online sales. By the end of the year our campaigns managed to achieve:

  • 44% Increase in Budget Spent
  • 87% Increase in Conversions
  • 83% increase in Revenue
  • 78% Increase in ROAS


Making History since 1895

Zolotas House of Jewels has been making history since 1895. The mission of Zolotas House is the enhancement of the endless Greek cultural heritage in the world of modernization. And a piece of jewelry is just a magical object that travels indestructible in time, allowing the implementation of such a mission. Zolotas philosophy is to honor beauty through a combination of precision craftsmanship together with the fabulous memories inherited from Classic Greek Art and innovations.




Facebook Paid Advertising

PPC Advertising


Let’s Talk Results

We help our clients get better results with our innovative and data-driven approach to online ads, from AdWords management to remarketing to conversion rate optimization.

How we used lookalike audiences to increase sales and acquire an average return on ad spent (ROAS) of x 217.5.


Matching Facebook ads to the entire customer journey resulted in 93,2% increase in Return on Advertising Spent (ROAS).

Lampiris Interiors

How we managed to achieve a 22XROAS in less than a month from Facebook Paid Advertising.

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