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Case Studies

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We help our clients get better results with our innovative and data-driven approach to online ads, from AdWords management to remarketing to conversion rate optimization.


Matching Facebook ads to the entire customer journey resulted in 93,2% increase in Return on Advertising Spent (ROAS)


How we managed to increase online conversions by 87% and ROAS by 78% using Facebook Paid Advertising based on Remarketing Campaigns.

Lampiris Interiors

How we managed to achieve a 22XROAS in less than a month from Facebook Paid Advertising

Achieving Profitable Growth via Google Shopping Campaigns

Velmahos Group

Winning quality leads with lead generation ads on Facebook while decreasing CPL (Cost per Lead)

How we used lookalike audiences to increase sales and acquire an average return on ad spent (ROAS) of x 217.5

100% Organic Traffic and 100% Google Ads ROAS Increase by Investing in Information Architecture and Content

Exceeding a High Break Even ROAS

Strategy for Boosting Seasonal Sales

Year on Year Growth

We will be able to advise on the best solution for your business during an initial consultation.